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Monteverde - Costa Rica

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Monteverde Costa Rica

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Monteverde Costa Rica

Night Tour Monteverde Costa Rica
calendar icon 31-Mar-15 16:58. calendar iconComments (0)

Night Hike Fun
Monteverde Costa Rica

What to do with your family in Costa Rica? A Family Night Out With a Difference! Night hike in a Monteverde forest,

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Hidden Cameras Santa Elena Cloud Forest Monteverde Costa Rica
calendar icon 28-Aug-14 16:08. calendar iconComments (0)

Camera Traps
Monteverde Costa Rica

Desafio Monteverde Tours donates 2 hidden cameras to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest in Monteverde Costa Rica to help monitor wildlife

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Nature`s Colors Monteverde Forests Costa Rica
calendar icon 26-May-14 22:33. calendar iconComments (0)

Nature`s Colors
Costa Rica is a Riot of Color!

Study the amazing colors of the forests of Monteverde Costa Rica. Ever wondered why fauna is so colorful, plants are green or flowers are red?

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Wild Cats and Monteverde Cloud Forests Costa Rica
calendar icon 09-May-14 23:05. calendar iconComments (0)

Monteverde Wild Cats
Costa Rica

Are there still wild cats in the Cloud Forests of Monteverde Costa Rica? Learn how one cat hit by a car, has been preserved by the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve!

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calendar icon 07-Apr-14 18:42. calendar iconComments (0)

Arenal Tours
in Costa Rica

So much to do in the Arenal area of Costa Rica. Spend a week here and still not be bored with Arenal Tours! Learn about all the exciting tour options!

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