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Monteverde - Costa Rica

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Don Juan Coffee Tour

From the Bean to the Cup!
Coffee Production in Monteverde

Where: Monteverde

When: 8:00am,10:00am,1:00pm,3:00pm

Duration: approx 3 hours

3-in-1 Combo Tour! Coffee, Chocolate and Sugar Cane Production (with the emphasis on Coffee!)

The Don Juan Coffee Tour in Monteverde Costa Rica offers an interesting opportunity to learn about coffee and Costa Rican folklore.  During the coffee tour, participants will learn about the history, cultivation, and operation of a functioning coffee 'beneficio'.  Visitors will have a chance to pick coffee and take part in the different steps involved in coffee production.  At the end of the tour coffee and souvenirs are available from the gift shop.

The Don Juan Coffee Tour is a chance to experience first hand the tradition that is the growing of coffee in Costa Rica.  The farm has a typical ox-drawn cart that you can take a ride in.  The Tour lasts two hours and involves a half kilometers walk along an easy trail.  The tour takes place on a coffee farm located two kilometers outside of Santa Elena - Monteverde.

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  Don Juan Coffee Tour in Monteverde Don Juna Coffee Monteverde - Rico!

Coffee Tour in Monteverde coffe tour in Costa Rica

 Since the end of the 19th century, coffee has been a major part of the economy of Costa Rica. Since 1990 coffee prices have fallen drastically all over the world, and tourism has come to replace coffee as the largest segment of the Costa Rican economy. However, coffee farming still has a major impact on the culture of Costa Rica, and to experience real native Costa Rican life everyone should visit at least one coffee farm. 

Coffee can only be grown at certain elevations, generally between 800 and 1400 meters in altitude.  It requires moderate temperatures and good soil.

Don Juan Cafe Monteverde Costa Rica coffee tours Monteverde Costa Rica

costa rica coffee tour packages Costa Rica coffee tours

Hands on Fun Don Juan Coffee Tour Monteverde Costa Rica Don Juan Coffee Tour Monteverde Costa Rica

The coffee harvest in Costa Rica so strongly affected the nation that school and work schedules used to be arranged to allow both adults and children to pick. Each year during the months of December until February (depending on the altitude) families would congregate on the coffee plantations and pick from sunup to sundown, each worker paid by the basket of coffee picked (.95¢ for each ten lbs.), the fruit from the trees being more valuable than the fruit on the ground. Today coffee has become so cheap that farmers no longer pick up coffee that has already fallen from the tree prizing quality over quantity. 

Each coffee tree needs four years to provide its first harvest. The plant may then be harvested once a year for the next six years, then must be pruned short and allowed two years before the next six year harvests. Each plant can produce for only thirty years. Coffee plants require a great deal of rain and still no one has invented a system for irrigating it. If you love coffee, you will love this Costa Rica coffee tour.



Everybody loves chocolate! And on this 30 minute tour you will learn all about the world of chocolate. Besides learning about its history there is a hands-on element where you will participate in the chocolate making process. 

Monteverde Don Juan Chocolate Costa Rica Cacao Bean Don Juan Coffee and Chocolate Tour Monteverde Costa Rica

Tasting Don Juan Chcolate Monteverde Costa Rica Making Chocolate Don Juan Tour Monteverde Costa Rica

You will have the opportunity to taste the cacao fruit and learn how the cocoa beans are converted into delicious chocolate. Gain insight into the traditional method of roasting the beans, separating the husks and grinding the beans.

Finally you get to taste the chocolate that you've helped to make and flavor!


A short 15 minute demonstation about sugar cane production. Learn about the historical  methods of extraction and why many farmers had their own sugar cane mills. You can also participate in making sugar cane the traditional way and enjoy a glass of pure sugar cane juice.

Don Juan Monteverde Costa Rica Sugar Cane Tasting Sugar Cane Juice on Don Juan Coffee Tour Monteverde Costa Rica


At the end of the tour you will get the option to take a ride in a typical ox cart experiencing the ancient way of traveling in Costa Rica. 

Ox Cart Don Juan Coffee Tour Monteverde Costa Rica Riding on an Ox Cart Juan Coffee Tour Monteverde

Included on the Tour:

2016 Price per person:

Adults: $35  Children ages 6-12: $15


 8.00am, 10.00am, 1.00pm  and 3.00pm (pick up times about 20-40 mins before the tour)


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