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Extremo Canopy Monteverde
Costa Rica

Extremo Canopy:
A Monteverde Zipline Tour to the Extreme!

Where: Monteverde

When: 8:00am,11:00am,2:00pm

Duration: approx 3.5 hours

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Monteverde Canopy Tours: Ziplining Tours  (optional bungee jumping!)

The Monteverde Extremo Canopy Tour is perfect for the adventure bound, those seeking high adrenaline experiences and not the faint of heart. Extremo canopy is not located near the main nature reserves in the area nor over prime forest like some of the other canopy tours but as its name suggest it is an extreme rush! This ziplining tour offers 14 Ziplines, nearly 3.2 kilometers (2 miles), that range in distance from 40 meters (131 feet) to 750 meters (2,461 feet), including 4 cables that are longer than 425 meters (1,394 feet). Included in the Canopy tour is the superman, tarzan swing, a rappel and a new tunnel cable.

Plus there is now a thrilling  bungee jump, the highest in Central America, for those who dare!! Read more

See an Exciting Video of Extremo Canopy Tour: Click Here!

The tour begins with 11 cables, the last of which delivers you to the rappel, where you descend to the ground and the awaiting adventure of the Tarzan Swing. Here you will start with a short hike to the upper platform from which you make your ¨big jump¨. This feature attaches to your harness and allows you to act like its namesake by jumping off the platform and swinging through the area.

See Video of Tarzan Swing

After your momentum has eased, guides at a lower platform safely lower you back to the ground. For those willing to step to the very edge of adventure, try doing the Tarzan Swing backwards. Once all the members of your group have experienced the thrill of the Tarzan Swing, it’s off to the remaining 3 ziplines.

Superman Zip Line: The superman cable allows you to feel like a bird while you soar over the mountains and pasture land. It is a 1 kilometer cable with a height of 180 meters.

Extremo Swing is a super swing - you will have two harnesses, chest and waist as well as a helmet and carabiners. The swing cable is 50m long and you will be suspended more than 100 meters high!

Difference between the Extreme Swing and the tarzan swing: The Extreme swing is nearly as high as the bungee, about three times higher than the tarzan and an amazing experience. In comparison the tarzan is tame! The Extreme Swing is for anyone who likes an adrenaline kick of the highest order and not for everyone!! The tarzan swing anyone can do and is included in the tour. The Extreme Swing carries an extra charge.

Now Extremo has a new tunnel cable!

You'll experience a unique sensation on one of the best Monteverde cable and feel just like superman! See video below.

Learn about Extremo's Highest Bungee Jump in Central America  Read more


The Canopy Tour

Ziplining Monteverde Extremo

Scattered throughout the tour are 6 short hikes, totaling 2.8 kilometers (1.74 miles), which allow you to enjoy the surrounding secondary growth cloud forest, pasture lands, and views of the Gulf of Nicoya at a more leisurely pace than the ziplines permit. There is also a picturesque waterfall on the property ideal for photographs.

Another aspect of Extremo is positioning style when ziplining. Here, you are carefully fitted with a helmet and the popular Petzel brand harness as well as specially reinforced leather gloves. Proper position, once hanging from the cable, includes a sitting position with knees up and ankles crossed; head tilted to one side for clear visibility; dominant hand behind and on top of the cable with open palm and weak hand grasped around the straps between the cable and your harness. Having your dominant hand directly on the cable helps stabilize balance and when pulled down acts as your brake.

The guides at Extremo, besides being very personable, are experienced, well trained and bilingual.

As there are no lockers for personal belongings, we recommend you bring only those items you can keep, well secured in zippered pockets or on straps, on your person.

Ages for Canopy: chidlren from 4 years onwards can do this tour (kids usually go with a guide).

No weight limit for the canopy (but need to be reasonably fit to hike from cable to cable and need to have a waist size less than 47.5 inches). If kids are too light they can go with a guide.

Ages & weights for Bungee Jumping:  Over 18 no problem. Anyone 15-18 can go as long as they weigh at least 50 - 52 kilos and someone over 18 signs a waiver for them.  Max weight limit is 115 kilos

Learn about Extremo's Highest Bungee Jump in Central America  Read more

The guides make a video of all the bungee jumps which you can purchase for $20

Extremo offers 3 tours daily at 8:00am, 11:00am, and 2:00pm.

Transport is included in the price of the tour and occurs approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the tour

No student prices.

Children (4-12 years)

2017 Prices

Canopy + Superman + rappel + tunnel cable and tarzan swing: $53

Swing Extremo: $42

Bungee: $73

Canopy & Bungee (includes superman, rappel, tunnel cable and tarzan swing) 

Canopy & Swing (includes superman, rappel, tunnel cable and tarzan swing) 

Canopy, Bungee & Swing (includes superman, rappel, tunnel cable and tarzan swing)

Bungee & Swing


Children under 12 years pay $38 each (for tours that permit children).


Ages: from 4 years onwards can do this tour (kids usually they go with a guide).

No weight limit for the canopy (but need to be reasonably fit to hike from cable to cable and need to have a waist size less than 47.5 inches).



Weight for Bungee: 50kg-113kg 
Ages for Bungee: 18-50 years.
Over 50s need to present a medical document with confirmation of good health stating able to do bungee


See Below An Exciting Video of Extremo Canopy Tour!





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