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Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica

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Hot Springs
in Costa Rica

Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Arenal Hot Springs + Packages

Hot Springs in the Arenal Volcano area are one of the main attractions in the area and a visit to one of the hot springs in Costa Rica is a must! A few years ago there were only one or two choices but this has grown over the last few years.  We feature popular Arenal hot springs including Baldi Hot Springs. Los Lagos Resort, Eco Termales and The Springs Resort. All of which are great for relaxing and viewing Arenal Volcano. Read below for details... 

Note that all of these Hot Springs can be visited as a combo tour with a guided Volcano Hike click here for details.

Great Hot Spring Choices

Price from:
$ 75

Hot Springs Arenal Costa Rica

Where: Arenal Area

When: 10.00am,1.00pm,3.00pm,5.00pm

Eco-Termales Hot Springs.  Arenal Hot Springs - Great Way to Relax! Small Springs with Personalized Service & natural surroundings.

Price of $106 includes roundtrip transport from your Arenal Hotel, Guided Volcano Hike, Entrances to Volcano Look Out and Hot Springs, Bilingual Guide and Dinner

Price from:
$ 48

Los Lagos
Resort Hot Springs Arenal

Where: Arenal Area

When: 3:00pm,4.00pm,5.00pm,6.00pm,7.00pm

Los Lagos is located approx. 5km from the town of La Fortuna in Arenal Costa Rica and is a popular hotel with its own beautiful hot springs set in gorgeous tropical gardens with a fantastic view of Arenal Volcano. Los Lagos has various hot springs pools, including some fun slides, as well as a fabulous spa, a restaurant, bar, changing facilities and lockers. The pools are spread around the grounds and surrounded by lush plants and flowers.

Price from:
$ 159

Tabacon Hot Springs
Costa Rica

Where: Arenal Volcano Area

When: 1.30pm

Tabacon Hot Springs. Famous Arenal Volcano Hot Springs: beautiful, natural pools, luxury setting. Mineral waterfalls. Swim-up bar, spa & restaurant.

Price from:
$ 63

Baldi Hot Springs
Costa Rica

Where: Arenal Area

When: 3.00pm,3.30pm,4.00pm,5.00pm,6.00pm,7.00pm

Baldi Hot Springs is located 4km from the town of La Fortuna in Arenal Costa Rica and is a popular hot springs set in 4.5 acres of gorgeous tropical gardens. It is a lot less expensive than Tabacón with 16 different hot springs baths of varying temperature, averaging around 40°C. Baldi Hot Springs has a restaurant, two swim-up bars, spa service, changing facilities and tropical gardens. The pools are spread around the grounds and sculpted with stones and framed by lush plants.

Price from:
$ 85

The Springs Resort
Hot Springs Arenal

Where: Arenal Volcano

When: 3:00pm,4.00pm,5.00pm,6.00pm,7.00pm

The Springs Resort is the latest addition to the hot springs collection in the Arenal Volcano area. The hotels, hot springs and spa are pure luxury! The resort is perched on a mountain ridge one thousand foot above the Arenal Valleyabout 6km north of the volcano and has a spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano. The resprt offers natural hot and cold springs, four unique dining experiences and an impressive full service spa.

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