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Monteverde - Costa Rica

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Cheese Factory Costa Rica

Monteverde Cheese Factory
Tours in Monteverde Costa Rica

When: 9:00am,2:00pm

Duration: approx 1 hour

Many People who visit Monteverde miss the cheese factory tour because they think it will be 1 - 2 hours of cheese talk. BUT this tour covers far more than just dairy products. The history of the cheese factory is closely intertwined with the history of Monteverde.

Most everyone who visits Monteverde learns that the community was founded by Quakers escaping the draft during the Korean War because their peaceful religious beliefs do not allow them to serve. Not everyone realizes that all seven of these families made their living farming dairy cattle, and were reliant on the cheese factory for money, jobs and the majority of the food that sustained the community.

Monteverde Cheese Factory

Monteverde Cheese FactoryMonteverde Cheese Factory Tour

People might also be surprised to learn that the Monteverde Cheese Factory in 2008 made 14 million dollars in sales, employs over 350 people and buys milk from 250 farms in the zone. The cheese factory affects every resident and visitor to the area in many ways which go unnoticed.

Of course, you will also learn a great deal about milk, cheese, the cheese making process and creative waste disposal solutions which make the cheese factory not only a responsible member of this ultra environmentally-minded community but also one of the most unique cheese factories in existence.

The tour includes a very interesting slide about the history of Monteverde and the process of cheese making .  You will learn how many of the different cheeses are made, from the Monte Rico (unique to Monteverde)  to a variety of Swiss and Dutch cheeses.

Monteverde Cheese Factory Tour Monteverde Costa Rica Cheese Factory Cheese Factory Tour in MonteverdeCheese Factory TourFamous Monteverde Cheese Factory TourCosta Rica Monteverde Cheese Factory

Not only is this tour done in an extremely informative, and interesting manner but it covers the unique, forward-thinking community of Monteverde. Few, if any, other tours in the area cover the history of Monteverde, for this reason alone the tour is worthwhile. Not to mention the great ice cream you can order on the way out!

Cheese Factory Guided Tour Information


Adults: $12
Students with ID: $10
Children Under 6 Free

Costa Ricans: $6

 2 tours a day 9:00am and 2:00pm Special times can be coordinated, upon request, for groups.

Bilingual tours take about 1 - 1.5 hours. Tours include a slide show, a visit to the factory and cheese tasting! Plus lots of information about the history of Monteverde and all you ever wanted to know about cheese in Monteverde Costa Rica.

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