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Monteverde - Costa Rica

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Night Tour El Bosque Monteverde
Costa Rica

Monteverde Night Tour
at El Bosque Forest in Monteverde

Where: Monteverde Costa Rica

When: 6:00pm

Duration: approx 3 hours

Leave it to nature to guide us on this fun, informative hike through a series of trails that will afford you the opportunity to observe the nightlife of a growing forest, you’re given a flashlight and sent to begin your night hike with a naturalist guide.

Monteverde Night Hike Monteverde Costa Rica Night Hike

Monteverde Night Tour ......The trails are well marked and easy to walk in the dusks failing light, yet rustic enough to remind you that you’re in a wilderness environment. The walk is generally flat, but there are some not-too-steep uphill and downhill sections.

Some of the wildlife you might see as day turns to night includes porcupines, toucans and other sleeping birds, owls, agoutis, coati mundis, snakes, walking sticks, tarantulas, katydids, and an array of other cool insects. Of course, there are no guaranteed sightings, so don’t expect all these creatures to be waiting just for you! Typically though this time of transition into night offers a good opportunity to view nocturnal mammals as well as diurnal animals as they prepare for night.

Night Tour Costa RicaEl Bosque Night HikeCreatures Monteverde Night Hike

The El Bosque guides on this Monteverde Night Tour are very knowledgeable, always willing to answer your questions, and have good eyes for seeing wildlife. Overall, this tour is a great option for an early evening activity those who want to have an easy-paced walk and learn a few things, too.

There are bathroom facilities available at the entrance.

Pick-up time from your hotel: 5:15pm - 5:30pm (depending on your hotel location)
Tour begins:
Tour ends: 7:30pm
2014-2015 Price: $25 per person. Includes entrance fee, tranport from your hotel and guide

Night Hike in Monteverde Costa Rica

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