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Selvatura Park Monteverde
Canopy Tour

Ziplines, Bridges,
Butterflies and More!

Where: Monteverde

When: 8:30am,11:00am,1:00pm,2:30pm

Selvatura Park is the nearest canopy tour to the beautiful cloud forests of Monteverde. The Park does not just offer some of the longest ziplines in Costa Rica  - there is lot more to do here and all in one place! See a complete list of all Selvatura  tours and prices




Be thrilled by the ziplines and tarzan swing and now there is a new superman cable! Take a leisurely stroll on the hanging bridges... and there is more: Butterfly gardens, hummingbirds, reptiles and insect exhibitions. Choose one tour or do a combo.

Transport from town/hotel: approx. 8.00am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm. Tours $15 and under add an extra $7 dollars for roundtrip transport but all other tours and packages include FREE transport.  Exact pick-up time depend on location of hotel (usually 30 mins – 45mins before tour time)

Selvatura Canopy Ziplines

One of the most exciting ziplining adventures in Costa Rica! The canopy tour is entirely built inside virgin and secondary cloud forest with a total of 15 ziplines and 18 platforms. Plus one amazing (and optional) tarzan swing! Try the new superman cable.

Selvatura Monteverde Ziplines

Visitors will travel between 2 miles of cables attached by a secure harness and a maximum weight support pulleys plus other security gear to ensure safety. There is now a 1km long zipline!

One of the most exciting things to do at the Selvatura is the fun tarzan swing which is optional and included in the price of the ziplines. Guaranteed to be one of the most heart-thumping things you do in Monteverde!



Check out the video below:



The Zipline Tour takes 2-3 hours. $45 regular $40 students $30 kids under 12

Ziplines and Hanging Bridges Combo: $70 Regulars, $60 students, $45 (children 6-10)

Superman cable: $10

See a complete list of all tours and prices


NEW!! Selvatura Superman cable $10 extra

Fly like superman with Selvatura


Selvatura Canopy Walkways (Suspended bridges)

For those less adventurous, or want more time to enjoy walking around thecanopy or go bird watching a popular choice is the suspended (or hanging bridges) called the Walkways.These are a series of suspension bridges, hung in the canopy, which one can walk across. The sides of the bridges are fenced off with the railings reaching chest height.

Selvatura Hanging Bridges Monteverde


The tour is not just bridges but a series of trails that wind between the bridges. In total, these trails cover 3.3km. There are eight different bridges which have lengths and heights that vary between 50 to 170m long and 12 and 60m high.. Every bridge is 1.5m wide and has a capacity for 60 people. The hanging bridges are designed for people of every age and reasonable physical condition. Guides are available at certain times for an extra price

As the bridges are suspended they do bounce a little. Overall the feeling is pretty secure due to the high railings and solid structure. Unless you have an acute fear of heights this should not be a problem. The bridges offer a nice perspective with plenty of time to look around and take photos. You can see many small trees and ferns from above and also admire birds that inhabit the upper regions of the trees. The trails are in excellent condition.

Selvatura Walkways

Prices: Up to 14th Dec, 2015

$30 (regulars) $25 (students and children over 10), $20 (children 6-10), free for children under 6.

It takes about an hour and a half to walk the bridges, depending on the speed you walk or if you stop to take many photos.


 Selvatura Park Walkways



Guided Natural History Tours are available for $45 (this includes guide, entrance and transport). Guided tours: 8.30am, 11.00am and 1.30pm (transport about 30-45 minutes before tour).


Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens, Insect and Reptile Exhibitions and more Combo Tour Choices

Butterfly Gardens Selvatura Costa Rica

Selvatura Butterfly Garden

Selvatura has one of the world's largest live butterfly exhibitions featuring an 8100 square feet dome where more than 50 different species of butterflies from all over Costa Rica can be spotted.

Selvatura Park Butterfly Garden

The tour of just under an hour includes a bilingual guide.$15 (regular, students and children)






 Insect Exhibition Selvatura Costa Rica

Selvatura Park Insect Exhibition


Enjoy the world largest private insect collection: property of world famous entomologist Dr. Richard Whitten. Visitors will be able to learn about the cloud forest and observe exhibits from the forest.

Exclusive footage of cloud forest wonders is shown inside the center's cinematic auditorium. 1 hour guided tour.$15 (regular, students and children)




 Hummingbird Garden Selvatura Costa Rica

Monteverde Selvatura Hummingbirds

Over 14 species of fascinating hummingbirds; a treat for photographers and wildlife lovers to observe these amazing, colorful birds up close.

Self-guided, no time limit. $5 (regular, students and children).


Selvatura Park Hummingbird Garden


 Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition: More than 30 different species of frogs, lizards, geckos, snakes and many others. 1 hour guided tour of special, climate-controlled terrariums containing live specimens. $15 (regular, students and children) 

Selvatura Park Restaurant

Selvatura Restaurant



Restaurant El Jardín: rustic environment with beautiful views of the main garden. Breakfast and lunch served or simply relax and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Restaurant serves pizzas, pastas, other international food as well as typical Costa Rican dishes.




Combo Packages -

The Park is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Transport from town/hotel is included in most of the tour prices and depart approx. 8.00am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm. Exact pick-up times depend on location of hotel. Return transport every two hours (approx.).


Selvatura Prices: 2015 Rates


Adults Students Children
Canopy (ziplines) only : $45 $40 $30
Walkways (Hanging Bridges) - no guide $30 $25 $20
Guided Natural History Walks (guided bridges):   $45 $40 $30
Butterfly garden (guided)    $15 $15 $15
Insect Exhibition:      $15 $15 $15
Hummingbird Garden:   $5 $5 $5
Reptiles and Amphibian Exhibition $15 $15 $15
Lunch:    $18 $18 $15
Breakfast $10 $10 $8

 *** superman cable $10 extra!

Combo Packages -until 14th Dec 2015


Student Children
1. Extreme Adventure - Zipline Canopy (CA) and Walkways (WW):




2. Cloud Forest Package - Zipline Canopy (CA), Walkways (WW),
Hummingbird Garden (HG), Butterfly Garden (BG) and Lunch:  




3. Eco Adventure - Walkways (WW), Hummingbird Garden (HG),
Butterfly Garden (BG) and Lunch: 




4. Selvatura´s Nature Package - Walkways (WW), Hummingbird Garden (HG),
Insect Exhibition (IE), Reptiles & Amphibian Exhibition (RE) and Lunch)




* add a guide for the bridges $20pp (adults and students) and $15 child


Prices include taxes and transport (except for tours under $15 and under - you have to add $7 for roundtrip transport) All other tours and packages include FREE transport

Transport from town/hotel: approx. 8.00am, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm.  Exact pick-up time depend on location of hotel (usually 30 mins – 45mins before tour time)

Children under 4  (no charge, except on canopy)

Children´s prices 4-11 years

Students are under 18 only

Costa Rican residents pay child price.



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